A Financial Coach Ditches Amazon Prime –5 months later

Can we live without Prime?

UPDATE: It’s been 5 months since getting rid of Amazon Prime, and we will never go back.

We have placed orders on Amazon during these five months. This is because we’ve had both Christmas and birthday gifts and are buying supplies for our woodworking business/hobby. We are also purchasing items on behalf of an elderly relative. But since September, we’ve had less than 30 Amazon debits. We’ve never had to pay for shipping.

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For the 8+ years that I’ve been a financial coach, I’ve talked about the value of Amazon Prime for its ease and selection and often hard-to-beat prices.   Unless you live in a remote location with no access to the internet (which means you wouldn’t be reading this), you know that Amazon Prime is a membership subscription that costs $119 (plus tax) for most people.   The benefits of being an Amazon Prime member include free shipping, fast shipping (sometimes as fast as 2 hours!), free movies/TV shows, free music, and free eBooks.  There are other benefits, but these I’ve mentioned are the few that we have enjoyed in the past.


Bottom Line: we have become more consumers than ever before.  A synonym for consumer is user.  And we have certainly been USERS!   I did a search for Amazon in our bank account, and there were 95 transactions since March of this year.  That’s only 6 months!  I can’t image the amount of impulse buys that includes.  Amazon is so easy that we’ve become lazy, not to mention impatient.  Our purchases lack the thoughtfulness and consideration that they once did when we used to take the time to physically go to a store. 

Then I reassessed the benefits. 

  1. Free shipping.  I can still get free shipping on orders over $25.
  2. Fast Shipping.   If I need something quickly,  I will go to the store.  Otherwise, it’s good to wait.
  3. Free movies/TV shows.  There is plenty of content to watch elsewhere.
  4. Free music.  I don’t use this service, and hubby uses Spotify.
  5. Free eBooks.   I have been enjoying my local library eBooks (and regular books!)

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