Why We’re Different


Objective And Independent.  A Financial Coach is the most objective and independent financial professional you can hire.  Our service always excludes the sale or incidental promotion of any commissionable product— whether insurance, investments, or asset management.  You can be assured we have no alternate incentive.

Strategic Yet Practical.  Instead of focusing only on your accumulated wealth, Financial Coaches are foremost about you becoming financially healthy and helping you achieve your financial goals no matter how much you currently have in your investment account, 401k, or IRA.  Since your income stream is the most valuable asset you will possess in your lifetime, a Financial Coach (as a strategic planner and accountability partner) is dedicated to helping you maximize and gain control of your cash inflow to align with your financial goals and objectives.  This 360 degree coaching process will address many aspects of your daily routine, financial behaviors and lifestyle choices with built-in contingency plans to ensure you stay on track with your goals while maintaining flexibility in your plan for both expected and unexpected events.

Fair, Value–Based Pricing.  Another distinction is our fee structure.  Our firm provides coaching based on a package pricing model combined with low fixed fees for recurring monthly maintenance, both of which are customized for each client depending on the scope, nature and length of services involved.  We also offer hourly fee options. The introductory Financial Health Assessment meeting is only $195 (single) or $295 (married) and will be credited toward your coaching package price should you elect to proceed with the full coaching plan.  Everyone’s coaching package will be different and will be priced on a sliding scale. Two things we can promise….1. whatever we quote, we KNOW you can afford and 2. if you follow our advice in a timely manner, you WILL receive the value for the fees paid. .

Our Worldview.  As Christians, we affirm the timeless truths from the Bible–God’s personal instruction manual and His storehouse of wisdom–on all of life’s issues, including money and our relationship with it.  While we do not compel any client to agree with our faith or its relevance to personal finances, these biblical principles continue to shape our worldview both in our personal lives and in how we advise our clients.   See Enduring Wisdom Keys for more detail.

*Our Guarantee: If within 100 days of purchasing a coaching service package, you have attended the minimum number of sessions, complied with the terms of the Services Agreement and fully implement on a timely basis all the recommendations set by the coach, we will refund your entire package if you don’t feel the service will pay for itself. As you can see, we are invested in your success and if you do your part, you’re assured to receive the value paid for our services!