“We had no real budget, no specific plan to address our enormous credit card debt and felt powerless to gain control of our finances. So we came to you. I wasn’t convinced right away that we needed a “coach” and thought we could figure it out ourselves. I was wrong. Mark, the ear you provided for us, the plan you helped put in place, the ideas and suggestions you gave and the tools you provided us have set us free from over $103,000 in credit card debt, over $6,000 in car loans and medical bills. Free from a crushing load of despair and helplessness to empowerment and control! I am happy to say we are credit card debt and loan free, except for our mortgage. We are using your system faithfully and we’ve adopted a wiser spending plan. We are much more aware of where are money goes AND more importantly, where WILL it be going. Thank you for helping us take control of our finances rather than have them control us. Thank you!” Randy & Kathy S. Houston, TX
“It’s amazing what can happen in such a short amount of time!!! I have so much peace now, knowing where our money is going and knowing that we have a plan and a goal. Many, many things have become clear to me.…This budget/cash flow plan has blessed me in so many ways I never imagined. I feel like my brain finally got flipped right side up in the finance department. I am so hopeful for our future – excited to know that I will be able to give like I’ve always wanted to and save for our future. I know that God sent us you as part of an answer to my prayers to become debt-free and to experience peace in my life. We are going to make it! I know that for sure now!”Lisa and Eric V. Katy, TX
“Thank you so much for helping us obtain some peace in our financial arena. You have been invaluable in getting us on the right track.”Vickie & Bob C. Houston, TX
“I should mention that your guidance on financial matters has had nothing short of a miraculous impact on our lives. The magnitude of the impact is actually kind of puzzling, to be honest, as its much further reaching than just our bank account. I suspect the behaviors molded to be successful at this change a person in other ways too. I also strongly suspect that tithing every month is paying some untold spiritual dividends as well. Can’t thank you enough and look forward to a tag-up in the New Year.”Brian & Rachel S. Houston, TX
“Thanks for working with us so patiently. Thanks for changing the way we should think about money. Most of all, thanks for being a great follower of Christ.”
Ronnie & Julie G. Missouri City, TX
“Thank you again for all your help to teach us how to budget and work out a plan to pay off our debt. Just a little over a year ago, our debt seemed like such an impossible mountain. Now we are filled with hope able pay off what remains as quickly as possible!!!”
Brenda and Samuel M. Houston, TX
“The plan and coaching from you has helped us accomplish our goal. We have paid off all our debt except for the house. What a relief! Thanks again for getting us on the right financial track.”Kurt & Barbara G. Richmond, TX
“I wanted to take the opportunity to express my appreciation for the wonderful services your company has provided for me. As you know, when my husband unexpectedly passed away over a year ago, your attention, through Storehouse, truly helped me understand and work through my financial disarray. In particular, your guidance greatly aided my understanding regarding inaccuracies in my credit report. As a result, I am now able to rest easy that these problems have been put to rest. I am now proud to say that I am debt free. Needless to say, I would heartily recommend your services to anyone that asked me for a name of the most qualified individual I know in this business. Thank you again for your expertise, caring attitude, and timely resolution of my needs. With heartfelt appreciation”Marti O. Cypress, TX
“Mark Pickle at Storehouse Financial has been such a blessing to me. When I first visited Mark two years ago I was in debt over $73,000. This was due to a divorce and being a single mother with no child support. Mark has helped me to become “DEBT FREE” and having the ability to have a financial plan with great peace. It has also let me teach my daughter how to handle finances as well. It took a lot of perseverance and strong prayer, but I was able to accomplish this great goal. I would highly recommend Mark at Storehouse to help anyone with their financial goals, debt and their future endeavors in finance planning. I believe that God will work on our behalf to help us get out of debt, but we have a big part to play- to stop spending more than we have! It doesn’t matter how much God provides- as long as we are spending more money than we have, we will always be in debt. Many blessings to StoreHouse Financial.”
Michelle M. Missouri City, TX
“Mark helped us create a working, livable budget that is tight but friendly. Since September we have created an emergency fund, an annual expense fund and paid off 2 credit cards. I am happy to say I have not used any credit cards since starting the budget and we see an end to our financial hole we created. A couple more years and we will live like no one else our age.”
Tanya & Paul K. Alvin, TX
“Just wanted to thank you for working with me. As you remember that when I first visited with you I was in dire straits both financially and personally. You took the time to work with me and educate me about what steps needed to be taken. You were patient and at the same time very honest about what had to be done. There were some very hard decisions that had to be made. You were there to support me the whole way. Thanks,”Chris B. Sugar Land, TX
“After my husband died some time passed and I realized I needed professional guidance handling some high credit card balances. Storehouse was highly recommended to me by a friend. I am thankful for the expert help they offered me. In addition to being kind and patient, their extensive experience in these matters was effective in removing stress and harassment from my life as well as saving me a large sum of money. Go StoreHouse!”Nancy C. Cleveland, TX
“Mark is our very trusted financial coach. We were broke (financially and spiritually) when we sought his help and 2 ½ years later we have COMPLETELY turned our financial and spiritual lives around!! We have sent our family and friends to Mark for their financial needs/questions over the years and we continue to do so. He has always been honest with us as well as never judging us.”
Paul & Lynne B. Alvin, TX
“We were in need of financial guidance when we were referred to Storehouse Financial. We had no where to go but up. Our income was so low we were not able to pay our mortgage most times and had to defer to the end of the loan on many occasions. Over the past two years we have paid off most of our debt and will be out of debt in ten months. We plan to start on our mortgage soon. We have learned discipline in our spending and have a savings account. This discipline has spilled over into other areas of our lives. I never knew how all of this could even be connected, but peace of mind has everything to do with releasing stress in finances. Our marriage was good and now it is even better. We are able to spend more quality time together without discussing debt all the time. We give God all the glory for where has brought us and the valuable life lessons we have learned.”
Cynthia & Jerome J. Houston, TX
“Reeling from a recent divorce I needed financial guidance. I knew of Dave Ramsey’s financial program but was unsure on how to utilize his teachings. I met with Mark Pickle at StoreHouse Financial and Mark taught me step by step how to implement Dave’s program. I listened and worked hard to follow the program that Mark instilled within me for a lifetime of usage. I am now happily employed and very grateful for all of their help, patience and understanding. They were a nonjudgmental team and I often say a prayer of thanks for touching my life in such a profound manner.“
D.H. Sugar Land, TX
“We desperately wanted to get rid of the consumer debt we had accumulated during the 6 years of our marriage. We had some balances on credit cards added up to about $48,000! We were never late paying our bills but the stress of ‘just getting by’ was something we didn’t want to continue. Through Dave Ramsey’s website we found Storehouse Financial Solutions to get help with eliminating our debt. But, through the process we had found so much more! In 3 months time we saved about $4,900 and paid off $4,700 in debt! This was a result of commitment, discipline, anger at the debt, hard work and wise counsel. We are very grateful for all Mark had taught us and have been sharing with those around us. Anyone can save and eliminate debt if you can find the discipline and commitment. In our first meeting with Mark, he identified savings to more than pay for his initial fee! We are also making efforts to live a more sustainable life and it’s been a great family adventure. We are longing for the day when we have paid off all our debts! .”
Renee & Geoffrey S. Houston, TX
“Storehouse Financial completely changed the way we look at money and our financial goals. Before seeking Mark’s guidance, we clearly had the inability to discuss finances without arguing, so we chose to avoid the topic by sweeping it under the rug. Because of Mark’s insight, patience and tough love, we have been debt free outside of our mortgage for over two years! When it comes to finances, our maturity level has progressed by leaps and bounds and as a result has exponentially strengthened our marriage because we are now on the same page! We still visit with Mark once a quarter to discuss our progress. With Mark’s guidance he ‘holds a mirror’ to our actions, our accountability to each other and most importantly ensures that we continue on the path to financial freedom.”
H & A Ayala Cypress, TX
“Sticking to a budget had always been very difficult for me, but with Mark’s help, I learned to do just that. Storehouse also showed me how to get out of debt and live debt free. This removed most of the stress from my live. I thought I did not have the means to pay off these debts, but I did. I learned that a lot of things I considered necessities, were not after all. In the end, I was able to retire, live very comfortable, and debt free. Being debt free is being stress free. Thanks for getting my life in order. ”
Sue C. Sugar Land, TX
“We had amassed a huge debt due to a catastrophic illness which prevented my husband from working for two years. With Mark’s wise counsel, we have settled $100,000 in debt and have a plan to rebuild our financial stability. It is amazing how he can take our monthly earnings and make a plan that even includes savings. More than anything, Mark has given us hope. We wish we had found him sooner!”
Karen & Kenneth O. Katy, TX
“We have greatly benefited from the entire process of ‘finance reconstruction’ that we started with Mark’s help over two years ago. We are now debt free and our next step is to build cash reserves and savings… we enjoy our monthly meetings with Mark so much that we’ll probably keep on meeting with him even when we’re secured on our path to financial recovery and are able to sustain it. It’s not just the way Mark helps us make smart financial decisions, it’s how we’re able to talk with him about all kinds of different subjects, and how he always give us a straightforward, honest opinion… We certainly could not have done this without him – ”Catherine & David W. Houston, TX