Nick Santner, BSChE

Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach

Nick has taken personal financial stewardship seriously starting from a young age, saving his money from working at Sam’s club and giving to his church as a teenager. After college, Nick and his wife Amie, made a financial plan together.  They are now debt free and paid off their home mortgage by age 35. Now Nick and Amie, along with their children Catherine and William, enjoy the freedom and ability to give generously that following financial stewardship principles provides.

Nick has a background in the global Engineering and Construction industry. He has over 15 years of experience designing and building the largest and most complex refining and chemical projects in the world.  He’s led process engineering teams working with all the major Energy & Chemical companies to bring their projects to reality in a safe, profitable, and environmentally sound way.

Early in his career Nick noticed that the people he worked with had many financial questions. Before long, he found himself a natural hub of helping people get out of financial struggles and thrive.  This passion to demystify personal finance and help people win with money grew as he started a basic financial class during lunch hours.

To make a bigger impact on the growing need for financial coaching in the community, Nick joined the StoreHouse team in 2019.  Now he blends the great tools, experience, and knowledge of StoreHouse with his own to make struggling with money a thing of the past for our community.

Nick has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering as well as a Minor in Chemistry from the University of Houston. He is also a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach.  With his problem-solving engineering skills and financial coach training, he’s excited to make your financial future a bright one.