Steps to Change

Our 360 Degree Holistic Approach

Mental, physical, spiritual and social habits have a symbiotic relationship in creating who you become. We understand if one part of your life suffers so does all the rest, therefore as coaches we want to ensure each part of your life works together in synchronicity to build a strong foundation for financial wellness. While our main focus is putting in place a strategic financial plan combined with the mechanics of healthy financial best practices, we also want to foster healthy practices in every area of life that affects how we think and behave with money.

Mastering finances is more of a psychological and behavioral challenge than a physical or mathematical one. Just like an athlete preparing for a competition, becoming financially fit takes courage, determination, teachability, accountability and a willingness to embrace new habits to see measurable results.  While we share the resources, tools, process, strategies and encouragement to facilitate change, the client will only achieve success in direct proportion to following the coach’s lead and consistently executing the action plan. The diagram below depicts an overview of our 360 degree financial planning process experienced with the Financial Health Clinic (FHC) .