Your Financial Road Map

If you are planning a road trip to Los Angeles which route would you take? The answer will depend on where you are right now.  While each person has a common financial goal each persons approach to that goal will be different and unique.

Here we have the most common financial issues that we deal with. No issue is too great or small and no matter what your financial status there is always room for improvement. We understand where you are coming from and will meet you where you are to improve your financial  situation.

Where Are You Now?

No Financial Plan

You don’t have major problems, but you are not living to your fullest potential. You don’t have a structured financial plan and are unsure of the future.

  • Making Minimum Payments
  • Multiple non Mortgage Loans
  • Minimal or No Savings
  • No Plan for College, Retirement, or Other Goals
  • No Framework for Financial Decisions
  • Impulsive Habits Take Precedence Over the Future Needs

Losing Money

You may have your dream job or perhaps income is good, but you are unsure of where your money is going each month and sense a lack of direction.

  • Lack of Budget
  • Don’t Give Much Thought to What You Are Buying
  • Ever Increasing Bills and Monthly Expenses
  • Sense of Missed Opportunities
  • Few Assets Building Long Term Value
  • Not Leveraging Income to Potential


You have major financial problems with no foreseeable solution or way of improvement. You feel overwhelmed and out of control.

  • Large Consumer Debt
  • Unpaid Bills
  • High Interest Rates
  • Late Fees
  • Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  • Family / Marital Stress Over Money
  • Disconnect/Eviction Notices
  • Contemplating Bankruptcy