One-on-One Financial Coaching Services & Fee Options


Why Financial Coaching?

You’ve probably heard Dave Ramsey say: “mastering personal finance is 20% knowledge and 80% behavior”.  The value in a professional financial coach is helping you implement best practices of personal finance and bridge the gap between what you already know and how you intend to ultimately perform with money.  The StoreHouse coach is committed to your long term financial health plan and will help you identify any fiscal “blind spots” and teach you how to practically implement the plan with excellence, simplification and accountability.

Getting Started – Financial Health Assessment

Our clients begin taking steps toward financial health with the introductory 2-hour Financial Health Assessment (FHA), for only $195 (single) or $295 (married).

Because married couples must work in unison to achieve and sustain financially healthy practices, both spouses are required to attend the introductory FHA and any subsequent coaching sessions together to maintain open communication and transparency.   In all coaching services and recommendations, we remain completely independent from any third party firm and do not sell or receive commissions on any investments or insurance products.  Therefore, you can be sure the advice you get is purely objective, with your best interest at heart.  For more information see, Why We’re Different.   For more info on the FHA, click here.

Options Beyond The Introductory Financial Health Assessment (FHA)

  • Personalized Coaching Service Package

Because at StoreHouse, financial coaching usually involves a 360 degree financial plan and analysis, known as the Financial Health Clinic (FHC). The FHC is far more comprehensive and iterative than just a single coaching session.  No two clients are the same, so our package fees for the FHC are priced differently for each client based on a sliding scale, comprising three variables:

1. The nature of the services provided (What We Do)
2. The recurring frequency and/or duration of the services provided
3. The client’s ability to pay

In all scenarios, the coaching service packages are “value-priced” and designed to easily pay for itself within a few months. Instead of hourly fees, most clients prefer the discounted coaching package pricing model, which comes with a 100 Day Guarantee*.  In addition, any fee initially paid for the introductory FHA would be credited toward the package fee quoted, essentially providing a “zero-cost” 2 hour consultation on the front end.  All coaching service packages include:  the Financial Health Clinic, a complementary subscription to the Financial Health Index® (FHI) and the proprietary StoreHouse budgeting and cash flow management tools.

  • Hourly Services Only

On the other hand, if you would rather not commit to a package of services, you may retain us for just a straight hourly fee of $175.


*Our Guarantee: If within 100 days of purchasing a coaching service package, you have attended the minimum number of sessions, complied with the terms of the Services Agreement and fully implement on a timely basis all the recommendations set by the coach, we will refund your entire package if you don’t feel the service will pay for itself. As you can see, we are invested in your success and if you do your part, you’re assured to receive the value paid for our services!

† Nationwide average hourly rate among Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coaches.