Coaching Your Financial Habits

Ever wondered why financial habits are sometimes hard to change? 

Maybe you don’t need convincing, and you understand the mathematical or logical reason behind the need for change. 

The problem is in the doing it by growing good financial habits.

Here’s why:  the pain of the problem (i.e. bad habit) has yet to exceed the perceived pain of the solution (i.e. habit change). 

For someone who by nature or by training is very disciplined, change comes easy.  They’ve already passed the “perceived” pain threshold in their mind and have mastered their behavior and habits to get the desired results.

This quality is present in physically fit people.

I’m even more amazed (more like jealous) at people who’ve made fitness their ongoing lifestyle and routinely push through the pain to get the results they want.  They’ve conditioned themselves to recurring sacrifice, telling themselves “no” to their momentary pleasures. They can manage that pain from taking action in smaller incremental bites as they persist in their discipline. 

Months later, after they’ve developed a habit of training, the pain hardly registers in their mind.  They just do it, and they get an endorphin boost to get them through the pain, The results get addicting…so they want more!! 

Honestly, most athletes don’t train alone.

Many of these fitness athletes didn’t self-generate the start to chisel their bodies; they turned to a trainer (coach) to help them get real with their goals, be honest about their actual condition, and create a plan of attack. The athletes obtain a critical mass of consecutive workouts, along with technical know-how and encouragement.

Over time, they turn the corner and become a self-sustainer

NOTE: their coach is still their coach. but the recurring presence of the coach is scaled back to a lesser frequency, until they hit a snag, an injury or need a refresher to get back on their feet.

Financial fitness and attaining the desired results are not much different. 

Like a physical trainer, a financial coach has enjoyed a certain level of financial success personally. A coach has also cultivated the successes and best practices in many others.  A financial coach will have a goal to get you in shape. They will push you beyond your previous limits and lead you to independence. Then a financial coach will be a part of your team from here on out as you meet periodically to set new goals and to tweak your current financial routine.

Do you need some training to develop financial habits?

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