Fitness and Financial Discipline

Ever wondered why financial discipline is difficult?

I mean, you KNOW you need to change.

But….the problem is in the doing the change.

Here’s why: 

 Financial discipline: the pain of the staying the same > the pain of change

I see this a lot in physically fit athletes. They’ve already passed the “perceived” pain threshold in their mind and have mastered their behavior to get the desired results. Yes, fitness takes a lot of time. And at first, it was difficult to get started. But over time, these athletes have disciplined themselves.

They’ve conditioned themselves to recurring sacrifice, telling themselves “no” to their momentary pleasures,

After time, the pain hardly registers in their mind!

Many of these athletes initially turned to a trainer (coach) to help them get real with their goals, honest about their actual condition, and create a plan of attack.

Then they become a self-sustainer.

Physical Fitness and Fiscal fitness are not much different. 

Like a physical trainer, a financial coach has enjoyed a certain level of financial discipline personally and has routinely witnessed and cultivated the successes and best practices in many others

We are financial coaches. We can check your current financial health and develop a custom plan for YOU!